Drama teachers are required to be at ease with improvised forms of drama as well as scripted theatre texts. Dramawise Reimagined embraces both approaches. Each chapter concludes with a section ‘and in plays’ and extracts from well-known and significant plays are included for study. These extracts are accompanied by activities and key questions to deepen learning about the particular element of drama being addressed. In this video John O’Toole outlines the thinking behind the selection of extracts for study in Dramawise Reimagined.

For our Queensland teachers, you will know that the QCAA has just released the 2019 syllabus on School Portal. In Unit 1, under suggested texts, you will find Snagged by Robert Kronk and Today We’re Alive by Linden Wilkinson, both featured in Dramawise Reimagined. In addition, the text examines three Shakespeare texts, As You Like It, King John and Romeo and Juliet which all feature in Unit 4. Dramawise Reimagined will help give you an overview of these engaging works, as well as many others, to help you introduce these texts easily in your classroom.