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John O’Toole leading the Dramawise Reimagined workshop at New Ground Rising

Dramawise Reimagined was part of the New Ground Rising National Drama Conference held in Perth on 10-12 February 2017. In a sneak preview of the soon to be released book John O’Toole led a practical workshop to a full studio of 25 participants. Most knew the original Dramawise, first published thirty years ago, and still stand by its original model of the elements of drama.

After setting out what’s been reimagined and completely revised (ahh… narrative is an element in the 2017 model!) participants were treated to an exploration of the element of Time as developed in a process drama called The Refugee Family Drama. People went out buzzing and the buzz continued into the final plenary session where one delegate, who was in the workshop, called the original Dramawise ‘her bible’…not to put any pressure on its new and reborn successor!