When Dramawise was released in 1987 it proudly set out its structure and dynamics:


  • Provides an original model of the elements of drama
  • Identifies and explores the various elements of drama
  • Addressed directly to the student
  • Activities are both structured and flexible
  • Material is thought-provoking and relevant
  • Thoroughly tried in a variety of teaching situations

These features were retained in a number if editions and translations of the book.

The original publishers decided to stop printing Dramawise after 26 years and it was soon unavailable for purchase anywhere in the world. Emails started arriving:

Dear Brad and John,
Can you please advise if it is possible to buy a new copy of Dramawise? I can only find one second hand copy for $100. If not would you give permission to photocopy the whole book for my classes please.
Drama Teacher (USA)

At the same time Currency Press came knocking. Yes, important reimaginings needed to be made. We began writing …now there is Dramawise Reimagined.