We have written this book holding onto the fundamentals of good drama teaching. Firstly learning is led through action. Practical workshops including drama games, improvisation, process dramas and theatre texts introduce and then deepen student learning of the key concepts of drama. We then seek to apply this growing knowledge of drama by creating works that matter, that will amuse, affirm, perhaps unsettle and excite students as they deal with themes of consequence.

Secondly, Dramawise Reimagined is a sequenced and structured book actually about autonomy for the student. We set out to give young people the tools of the trade so they can approach drama with the freedom and confidence of understanding – tools that artists (and teachers) often reserve for themselves. The theoretical framework of the elements of drama emerges through action that is significant, not trivial. Fun certainly, but purposeful fun.

Our approach brings the mind, emotions, imagination, memories and body into the classroom to shape and deepen learning. A springboard for drama and aesthetic education, this is not a text book aimed solely at students’ brains!

The result is a complete course book for students and teachers of secondary-school drama, featuring activities that thoroughly detail each element of drama. This is done using drama games and activities to introduce process dramas and plays from the wider world. Practical activities are supported with in-depth discussion of each of the elements of dramatic form, as well as traditional and contemporary dramatic meanings and approaches to play-making contextualised by the elements of theatre.