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Dramawise Reimagined Launch

The DQ conference NEXT was a cracker. Three hundred delegates, inspiring keynotes, an extensive workshop program and a 40th birthday party that revived the worst of 70’s fashion. Proudly and gratefully Brad and John were overwhelmed by the warmth and early acclaim for their latest joint project, Dramawise Reimagined.

Brad Haseman, John Kotzas and John O’Toole at the Friday night launch. 

 Hosted by Currency Press and Drama Queensland, over 100 people attended the launch and were charmed by the playful John Nicholas Saunders, National President of Drama Australia (No John, though we look it, we were never contemporaries of Aristotle!).

John Nicholas Saunders, National President of Drama Australia.

John Kotzas Chief Executive, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), launched the book with great style and heartfelt flourish tracing the book’s unique Queensland provenance. Eighty participants were introduced to the book during the Saturday workshop Dramawise Reimagined: The elements of drama made familiar and strange. After discussing the revisions and updates to the original, participants romped their way through Focus (Chapter 3) built around a process drama on the theme Drugs in Sport.

Dramawise Reimagined Workshop on Saturday.